From our wholesale client: Peaceful Moments

Kallee is, at the minimum, 15 years old, but more likely 16 or 17 years old, and for a Lab Newfoundland cross, that is just amazing. We know we are living on borrowed time with her. However, we are not ready, not that we will ever be, to have her leave us. About 12 weeks ago, she became very depressed, was limping on an arthritic front leg and stopped eating much of anything. We were seriously discussing if the time hadn't come that we needed to have her euthanized out of compassion. 8 weeks ago, I didn't think she would make it through the day. I had a bottle of CaliFuzion tincture on hand for back pain, and on a whim, I decided to give her a dose to help her rest and ease a bit of her discomfort. A few hours later, I heard her eating. We continued to give her CaliFuzion tincture every 8 hours and over the next couple of days, it is like we rewound time. No limping, eating and gaining weight. She comes BOUNCING into the house. We now have her at 2 doses a day. CaliFuzion has helped us ensure that Kallee's last time here with us, whether that is days, months, or God willing, another year or 2, will be happy and pain free.  

From our wholesale client: Marty’s Cobra Kove

“I am a board certified Chiropractic Physician and the owner of 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As a former collegiate soccer athlete, current cross training enthusiast, and practicing medical physician I am well-versed in numerous creams, liniments, and oils to treat aches and pains. Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to the benefits my patients, friends, family, and myself have experienced with Marty’s Cobra Kove and Tartuka’s Pain Fighter Plus Time Release Pills. Marty’s Cobra Kove is not only a fast acting analgesic to reduce or eliminate aches and pains, but it has been effective at repairing damage to muscle fibers. My patients are instantly seeing: increased and sustained range of motion in their joints; reduced inflammation; decreased pain; and overall increased functionality. The Pain Fighter Plus pills (order at www.igsrcenter.com) are an amazing time released option for sustained pain reduction. My office sees an average of 315 patients per week. As I am the owner and only doctor on staff the physicality of providing chiropractic adjustments to that many patients can be burdensome. Daily I turn to Tartuka’s Pain Fighter Plus pills to give me pain-free movement, increased range of motion in my entire body, and to help me through long days of a physically demanding medical job. I would highly recommend both of these products to every one of my patients, all athletes of any skill level, and any person suffering from aches and pains of daily life. I will always turn to Marty’s Cobra Kove and Tartuka’s Pain Fighter Plus.” — Dr. Joseph Jackson

“I spent 12 years on chemotherapy and numerous experimental treatments for a liver disease that nearly took my life. While I am thankful to finally be healed and healthy, the long term side effects from such rigorous medications has been difficult to manage. When the temperature drops I experience extreme bone aches, and during my menstrual cycle my cramps are unbearable. I tried Marty’s Cobra Kove for the first time this winter and was blow away by how it seemed to penetrate directly to my bones and immediately ease my pain. I notice almost instant relief in my wrists, knees and lower back that lasted much longer than any other creams I have tried. Not only is MCK now a staple in my home, but Tartuka’s Pain Fighter Pills (order at www.igsrcenter.com) have literally changed my life. It used to take me 3 extra strength Tylenol to simply take the edge off during my menstrual cycle, but now I have complete and lasting pain relief from just two of Tartuka’s pills! I have tried to be very intentional with what I put into my body now that I am healthy and off treatment. I spent so long on toxic medications that the last thing I want to do is overload my body with anything else. It gives me such peace of mind to know that I now have all natural, safe and effective ways to alleviate my pain. I will never go back to over the counter medications again!“ — Darnell Young

“Since I was a child I have suffered from migraines on a monthly basis. They were so bad they would keep me from going to school, from participating in sports, and as I got older, they interfered with my work. I had been prescribed so many different preventative and onset medications over the years. Some would help but ultimately the daily side effects never felt worth the little relief I felt. I was introduced to Marty's Cobra Kove cream by a friend who originally suggested I use it for PMS symptoms such as cramping and lower back pain. I was shocked at how much better I felt, that I was anxious to see what other pains it might help to alleviate. I found that by applying just a small amount of the cream to my neck and shoulder area every couple of days, my migraines have significantly decreased. Not only has the frequency decreased, but by using a liberal amount at the onset of a migraine, I have felt tremendous relief! More so than any prescription medication I have ever taken. I now use MCK's cream in conjunction with the MCK's tincture and have been relatively migraine free for the past 3 months. I feel so thankful to have found an all-around pain reliever that I can use for injuries, PMS symptoms (which now includes treating anxiety with the tincture), and migraines with absolutely no side effects. It feels so much better to be putting something in my body that is way more natural than the prescription concoction I was using before."

"As an owner of a dog with high energy and high anxiety, it is just one more reason I am incredibly thrilled to have found Marty's Cobra Kove tincture. Having a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix means lots of tedious training and socializing in order to have a dog that is tolerable out in public, and not constantly trying to guard you. We used to struggle to introduce our dog to new people or when having guests over. We felt guilty about keeping our dog in another room but couldn't trust her not to try and kick our guests out. Since using this CBD tincture, we have been able to welcome new people into our home without the fear of her lunging, barking, or even biting. Adding a few drops to her food or on top of a dog treat helps to calm her nerves. It doesn't change her personality or make her drowsy, it simply takes away the edge that comes with new situations. She is still her excitable and bubbly self, without nasty "get away from my house" attitude. Now, whether we're meeting new people, going out to a crowded space, or just sitting at home while fireworks go off outside, we can feel confident that our dog isn't scared of her surroundings.” - Jess Stephenson

"I am 61 years old and I lift a lot of heavy things working in the deli at a very busy grocery store. I come home with a sore back as well as sore shoulders and hips every day. My daughter recommended that I try Marty’s Cobra Kove to soothe pain, and I’ve been amazed at the pain relief it has provided me. I’ve noticed that lifting at work is so much easier now and doesn’t leave me with a sore body anymore. I no longer wake up in the morning with pain and I absolutely love the fact that the cream doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes or my skin. The smell is very soothing as well which helps with the relaxation. I would recommend this to anyone who has a physical job, who has muscle and joint pain and no matter what your age is, this product works. It’s also a great way to get someone to give you a massage!" - Carrie Loughran

"My name is Jerry S. and  I was telling my daughter Wendy, in LA, how I had damaged my hips and lower back so badly practicing my golf swing on the course where I live in Delray Beach that I had developed arthritis to the point I was in constant pain. So when she came to Delray the following week she gave me a container of your product, Cobra Kove. I put it on my kitchen counter and actually forgot about it for about a week. In the meantime, I was still experimenting with heat, ice, massage and whatever else I could find to get some relief from the constant pain and allow me to get some sleep. Then one day I spotted your product, still on my counter, in plane sight and a light went off in my brain.This was close to bedtime so after showering I applied it to my hips and lower back generously and enjoyed the 1st full nights sleep in weeks. No more twitching, which would either keep me awake or wake me up during the night.I have never used a topical product before that would relieve pain and restlessness like yours. I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems.Waiting for Wendy to send me a fresh supply because I ran out and had to revert to previous, undependable methods." - Jerry S.

"My name is Stuart N. and using this product made my job as a sanitation worker in Brooklyn a pleasure to work again. I had pain in my knees for 2 years, now the pain is gone. Thank you, Marty!"- Stuart N.

"As a 54 year old man working two different jobs, one where I’m lifting gallons of paint and the other lifting cases of produce, having this product to relieve my shoulder and calf pain has been awesome. The relief I’ve felt has been life changing. I can go to work and lift more than I have been able to in years. I plan on recommending this cream to anyone who ever complains of any kind of pain as it actually works, unlike some of the other pain relief products I’ve tried. Thank you, Marty’s Cobra Kove, for allowing me to work every day and not feel pain like I used to." - Jeff Alesse.

“When you grow up performing, you learn to live with a lot of injuries. I’ve basically accepted that certain aches and pains were a part of my life forever. So I’m really stoked about being turned on to Marty’s Cobra Kove Ultra Strength Pain Relief Cream. I’ve been nursing pain from a pinched nerve in my shoulder for about a year now and this was the first thing to really give me instant relief. Definitely give it a try!” - Ruby Layne

From our client Diane D.

"This morning after weed whacking the yard my right hand was really swollen at every knuckle joint, wrist, base of thumb, etc and very very painful with sharp burning pains. So I decided to rub some of the cream on the thumb base and first finger knuckles which were the worst. About 45 minutes later I suddenly realized that the pain was gone and that all of the swelling had disappeared. So I rubbed it on the rest of my hand and in about 30 more minutes almost all of the inflammation was gone in my hand and thus most of the pain. I was amazed and a bit bewildered by this! Mostly surprised that it worked that quickly, but also truly amazed that this would actually work (sorry but I am a skeptic!)"—Diane D.